What we’re doing to help our tenants

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 03rd April 2020

Please see below for some important updates from Lime Property regarding the Coronavirus, and what we’re doing to help our tenants.

Health & Wellbeing

In line with government advice and to protect our staff’s health and wellbeing, our office closed on 24th March. Due to our advanced technology, myself and the team are able to work remotely to enable service continuity. As always, should you need any non-tenancy support or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us at help@lime-property.co.uk

To get our latest updates for tenants check back to this blog from time to time, as it will cover the main resources you’ll need during this difficult period and important updates from us.

Here are some further updates on how we are making changes in response to the Coronavirus…

Rental Accounts

Thankfully the governments short term policy of flooding the economy with financial support should alleviate any concerns tenants may have had in maintaining rental payments.

Below are some useful links that provide information on where to get this support should you incur financial difficulties due to the coronavirus.

Please be assured that should you have any further concerns or questions we are happy to help and offer advice where possible. Please contact us at rents@lime-property.co.uk to discuss your circumstances in more detail.


During these unprecedented times, Lime Property are looking at alternative and creative ways of continuing to provide the best possible service to our tenants and landlords alike. As we all face restrictions on social interactions we are asking tenants to assist us in our property inspection obligations.

As inspections have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are kindly asking that occupants take photos of each room within the property and send them to us via email. Every aspect of each room will be required to be photographed alongside the front and rear gardens.

Please be advised that due to this sensitive time it is only optional for tenants to comply. Should you not feel comfortable providing us with the relevant information then we will conduct the inspection at a later date.

At this stage you are not required to action anything, we will notify you as normal should your inspection fall due during this period.


As of the 25th March, the government has advised that repair and maintenance work can continue, however, due to the large number of occupants self-isolating and reduced contractor availability, we are focusing purely on repairs we deem a necessity during this time. Once it is safer to do so, we will re-open any ongoing cases.

To report maintenance, please click on the tab labelled ‘Report Maintenance’ in the top right corner of this page.

Feedback & Ideas

In the meantime, it’d be great to get some feedback from you so that we can offer the most reactive and responsive service. We’re open to any of your ideas to help us offer you a more effective service.

You may also find the following links of use to you, with regards to additional information and assistance being offered by the government.

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