Getting your property ready for selling in Hull and getting it right!

Did you know that the first 10-14 days of marketing your property for sale are the most important?


Rightmove statistics show time and again that the first 2 weeks of viewings will give you 70% of the views you will receive on your property (in fact 30% is in the first 48 hours) and the number of eyes looking at your property will drop dramatically thereafter, so it is exceptionally important to get your marketing right from DAY ONE!


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At Lime Property, we follow the best practice guide for marketing your home and try to include all of the following in our sales package:-

  • Correct pricing within a regulated price bracket – such as £300,000, not £299,999
  • Using professional photography with a minimum of 5 images and editing grey skies for blue and ensuring that your photos grab the viewers attention for all of the right reasons
  • Positioning the images in the correct order (kitchens and gardens are the top requirements for our applicants at the moment)
  • Providing a video walk-through of your property (this is so important for weeding out the time-wasters and for use on our social media platforms)
  • Preparing a detailed floorplan for every home that we market
  • Providing a packed summary of the best features of your property
What you need to do in order to prepare for selling

What we cannot control is how your property looks when the photographer or videographer comes to call.  Bearing in mind the importance of having top-quality images, and that the majority of applicants are looking for outdoor space post-pandemic lockdown, make sure that, if you have outside space, it is included in your pre-marketing plan.


Order those packing boxes and get decluttering: remove nik-naks, personal items including photos, anything that cannot fit into cupboard space for photos and viewings.


Don't just wipe the worktops, this is a proper "Spring Clean" time, skirting boards, light fittings, windows, grouting, chrome, glass - it all needs cleaning


Brighten up the walls, remove dark or individual colours and choose something neutral like stone or pale hues such as those in the image. Try to avoid "magnolia" as it's rather out of date!


If you smoke or have pets you are likely to have odours, often ones that you just don't realise are there as you have got used to them. Don't just spray air freshener around to try and mask the smell, professional shampoo carpets, curtains and upholstery. Remove pets and open the windows before viewings take place.


Cut the lawn, prune the shrubs, brush up the fallen leaves, including removing overhang from the gutters, weed the pathways - especially the path up to the front door, hire a patio power washer if possible to really get the paving sparkling.


Yes, you are moving home, but there is nothing that makes your viewer struggle to see the space available than coming face to face with a pile of packing boxes. If you do not have a shed or garage to store your packed boxes in, then consider renting a storage room for a few months in order to keep them out of sight.


You only have 3 seconds to make a first impression, so make the most of them. Consider your curb appeal, add a hanging basket at the door, polish the door knocker, make some fresh coffee, light a smelly candle on the mantlepiece, add some fresh flowers to the dining table.


Not only is it welcoming to your viewer if they can park on the driveway, rather than trying to spot a space on the road, but it also means they can see all of the property & garage with a clear view. That will help with your initial curb appeal and your marketing photos.


Finally, make sure that your rubbish bins are out of sight. If you do not have anywhere to move them to, perhaps ask a neighbour if they would mind homing the bins whilst your marketing photos and viewings are taking place. There is nothing worse than having the front of your house cluttered with rubbish.