Time to sell your home so how do you ensure it sells quickly and does not linger on the property market in Hull like a bad smell.  We have put together a list of top tips to follow, things which you should keep and those which you should throw in the bin!  By following our guide of simple decor touches that can highlight the best features, we know that your home will have a selling advantage when it goes onto the property market..



MIRRORSSelling your home in Hull: add mirrors to your rooms

Mirrors in a room will make it look larger, will reflect the light and brighten the space.  If you have lots of family pictures on your walls, or perhaps you are into unusual art, then it is definitely worth replacing those with mirrors.

It’s not only hanging mirrors, think about adding some mirrored finishes – perhaps a vase, tiles, or even the odd piece of furniture, as when strategically placed they can easily enhance a room.

ANYTHING OLD OR TATTYSelling your home in Hull: fluffy white towels

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so let’s get it right.  Time to gather up all of those old items, towels, tea towels, cushions and throws ~ put them straight into the bin.

It is best to leave a room as uncluttered as possible, but we would suggest that you purchase some fluffy new towels and a white tea towel for photographs and viewings.  Bathrooms & kitchens can win buyers so let’s give them some love.


Selling your home in Hull: lots of lighting

There is nothing inviting or attractive about a dark home so we recommend the rule of 3 when it comes to lighting your home in order to sell:  3 lights, we would suggest table or standard lighting, rather than bright overhead light bulbs.

If you do have a lovely light fitting then, of course, showcase it, but if not, use side lights to give a homely feel.  Make sure that you use clear incandescent lightbulbs for the best effect.

If your viewings are during the day make sure that you have all your curtains open and cut back anything blocking the light from outside.


Selling your home in Hull: remove personal items

You are moving, so now is the time to collect some packing boxes and get to work on all of the niknaks, personal photos of the family, your StarWars (or antique doll) collection and all of the tat you have collected over the years.

Having lots of personal items around the house, such as pictures, fridge magnets, trophies etc can hinder your sale.  You want your viewers to envisage themselves living in your home and imagining it as theirs, so not only will removing these items make the place look bigger and less cluttered, but it will help with the neutralisation required to attract a buyer.



Selling your home in Hull: flowers plants and herbs

There is nothing like fresh flowers to make a space feel warm and inviting, it gives the potential buyer the sense that you care about your home and how it is presented. Think about adding flowers to key spaces such as your dining table, maybe the kitchen island or on the living room mantlepiece or coffee table.

Bathrooms and kitchens can also look appealing with some lovely plants, maybe a few hanging baskets or how about a selection of fragrant herb pots on the kitchen window sill.

Remember to keep an eye on them and get rid of anything dead!


Selling your home in Hull: turn the TV off and remove club memorabilia

We all have our own opinions, our own favourite teams that we support or groups we may be aligned to. This is great, but not everyone will have the same viewpoint and a property viewing is not the time to push your opinions and favourites onto your viewers. 

You may be lucky and only have viewings from similar minded people, but what is more likely is that someone will view your home and instead of focusing on what your property has to offer, they will take away that you have different opinions.  Where possible, neutralise your home so it can appeal to the widest number of buyers possible.

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