The Ultimate Festive Homes – 6 Crazy Christmas Light Displays

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 12th December 2016

Are you getting in the mood for Christmas? Have you got your decorations up?

Decorating the outside of your home with bright Christmas lights divides opinion – some can’t stand it, but for others, it’s an essential part of getting in the spirit of the season.

Every street has at least one household that likes to push the boundaries, with enough fairy lights to illuminate the whole town.

To get you in the festive spirit for 2016 – here are 6 of the Lime Property team’s favourite crazy Christmas houses.

1. The Magical Menagerie

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Ever considered what your house might look like if you bought every single Christmas decoration you saw, and stuck them all in your front garden? Us neither…but this fabulous festive display from Kansas, USA has it all.

The result is a crazy Christmas menagerie, complete with snowmen, Santas, reindeer, sleighs and traditional Dickensian characters – as well as a full nativity scene!

2. The Winter Wonderland

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Hailed as Britain’s most festive house – this £10,000 Christmas light display features more than 50,000 lights, as well as a full-on festive snow scene complete with seals, penguins, polar bears and snowy owls!

Found in Bristol, UK, it’s the brainchild of brothers Lee and Paul Brailsford, who have been adding to the display each year since 1994. It’s all for a good cause – each year, they take thousands of pounds in donations for the local children’s hospital.

3. Let there be light



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1 million of them to be exact! The family of this house in Delaware, USA have been wowing their neighbours with their insane Christmas light displays for more than 25 years.

The current set-up includes more than 1 million lights – and costs more than £500 an hour in electricity costs to run!

4. The Neon Nativity

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We’re pretty sure you can see the Christmas lights on this house from space! A celebration of all things neon, this ultra modern festive scheme is guaranteed to attract attention.

The centrepiece of the scheme is the Neon Nativity – complete with kings, shepherds, and a giant star above the house. Father Christmas isn’t going to miss this one.

5. Local lighting legends

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Now for something a little closer to home. This family in Hull are renowned for their festive spirit – they like to get their Christmas decorations up really early, ideally before bonfire night!

Inside and out, the whole house, is transformed into a grotto weeks before Christmas. It’s a real festive celebration, brimming with Christmas lights, tinsel, seasonal ornaments and snowflakes.

6. Beautiful in blue

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I’m dreaming of a…blue Christmas?! It’s nice to have a theme for your Christmas lights, but this family has gone one step further, with an ultra-monochrome neon display.

This unique display features thousands of fairy lights and strings in different hues – all coming together to create a big blue beacon. Local legend has it that planes use this house to help them land during bad winter weather.

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