The Ultimate Checklist For Moving Into A Rented Property

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 20th June 2018

Moving into a property can be a stressful time as there are lots of things to organise and plenty of things to remember. We know how expensive and exhausting it can be to make the big move so we’ve decided to make a handy check list to ensure your move will run smoothly and to help make sure you and your property are “rent-ready”.

One Month Before Move In

Moving House Checklist - 1

Start the clear out

Begin by clearing out your current home with spaces you use the least such as the loft, shed, garage and any spare bedrooms, then move into the rooms you use the most. Try selling your unwanted items by taking them to your nearest car boot sale or give them to a local charity shop.

Get to know your new neighbourhood

If you’re moving somewhere new, make sure you start the search on your new neighbourhood now. It’s a great idea to join public groups online or get hold of a local newspaper or magazine to make yourself more familiar with the local amenities and facilities.

Save the deposit for your new home

Give yourself enough time to save up for the deposit on your new home. It’s a good idea to start saving up in advance as you will need to pay your deposit and the first months rent on the day you move in. With new rules expected to take effect soon including the letting fee ban it’s also a good idea to always make sure you’re clear about what you’re paying for and remember to keep the receipt.

1-2 Weeks Before Move In

Moving House Checklist - 2

Organise your services and deliveries

A week before you move is a good time to stop or redirect any deliveries and services that you currently pay for such as window cleaners, gardeners, veg boxes, milk, magazine or newspaper subscriptions. Use the Royal Mail redirection service to get your post sent automatically to your new address, it will save you a lot of time chasing your post!

Finalise Removal Firm

Contact your removal company to confirm all the details of your move-in day such as arrival time and parking. Organise contents insurance to cover your items in case anything goes missing or damaged when they’re in transit. We also suggest checking the weather on your move-in day – you may need to keep waterproofs at hand!

Final Clean and Packing

If you’re giving your property a clean yourself, make sure to leave the place in the same state as you found it in if you want your full deposit back. It’s a good idea to take a few photos once you have finished your clean just in case there’s a dispute further down the line. Box up the remaining items and don’t forget your final checks of places such as the backs of doors, tops of cupboards and any unused rooms.

Move In Day

Moving House Checklist - Move in dayCheck out, Handover and collect your new keys

Hand back your keys and go through the inventory on your old property – remember that ‘wear and tear’ is permitted by law. After you have given your keys back to your letting agent or landlord you will receive your deposit back within 10 days of agreement. Collect the keys for your new home and make sure everything is ready for you to move in. It’s worth asking if you can collect the keys the day before you move as you may already be very busy! Remember you will be required to pay your deposit and first month’s rent on the day you move in.

Make an Inventory

At the start of your new tenancy you will be provided with an inventory which will list the condition of everything when you move in. Go through each section thoroughly and check everything from light bulbs, carpets to the condition of blinds and even the washing machine. This is your opportunity to raise any issues so that you are not responsible or replacing them at the end of your agreement.

Register New Address

Even if you have set up a Royal Mail redirection, before it expires you’ll also need to provide your new address to…

Your bank
Your employer
Council Tax
TV Licence
The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency
Any agencies that process any benefits you may receive
Anyone else that you have accounts or agreements with, e.g. catalogue companies.
Electoral Register

Once you have proof of your new address you can register with your new doctor, dentist and any other local service.

Do you have any handy advice or tips when moving into a property? Share them with us below!