Redecorating? Here’s The 2020 Home Decor Trends You Need To Know About…

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 02nd March 2020

Have you decided that this is the year you’re going to redecorate your home? With trends swapping and changing all the time, it can be hard to stay in the loop. There’s no need to look any further though – we’re bringing you the biggest home design trends for this year!

1) Statement Furniture
2020 Home Decor Trends - Statement Furniture

A statement piece in the centre of a space can massively improve its overall appearance. It’s no surprise that coffee tables and other furnishings are being swapped out for bolder, more eye-catching pieces in this new up-and-coming trend!

2) Perfectionism
2020 Home Decor Trends - Perfectionism

A perfected, minimally decorated room has been a staple in modern homes for a while, and this trend doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon! Neutral toned furniture and a few plants really bring a room together in the simplest way. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity though, as capturing this style isn’t always easy!

3) Brightly Coloured Walls
2020 Home Decor Trends - Brightly Coloured Walls

Brightly coloured walls in rooms such as the living room and dining room aren’t as common as one may think, but they are definitely becoming more popular. Whether it’s just one feature wall or all of them that’s painted, bright walls can help to make a space appear more cosy and unique to your home.

4) Vintage Inspired Pieces2020 Home Decor Trends - Vintage Inspired Pieces

Naked bulbs and reworked wooden features may remind you of an indie coffee shop or an old film you used to watch, but they’re slowly creeping their way back into the limelight and into people’s homes. What goes around comes back around, after all!

5) Pops Of Colour2020 Home Decor Trends - Pops Of Colour

Speaking of modern twists, this kitchen is a perfect example of how the classic style has been changed to suit current trends. Paired with classic wooden furniture and flooring, statement pieces such as these brightly coloured chairs can transform a room into a more modern, trendy space that is certain to be noticed by visitors.

6) Exposed Brickwork2020 Home Decor Trends - Exposed Brickwork

A shabby chic interior can be like marmite – but when done correctly and in the correct balance, will look very effective. Feature walls with brick effect wallpaper draw focus in a room, and, when placed in a room that’s quite minimal, can stop a space looking too cold or empty.

7) Mixed Textures2020 Home Decor Trends - Mixed Textures

Combining different textures in your home can stop your decor looking too polished with one style. Mixing different styles that contrast just enough to add some depth can make your room look more interesting and adventurous without being massively over the top.