How To Get Your Rental Home Ready For Christmas

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 19th December 2018

Hosting a Christmas party or dinner whilst trying to keep your landlord on your side may seem tricky if you’re a tenant, but with so many festive ways to decorate a property without pinning or painting anything there’s no reason why you can’t get your space in the Christmas spirit!

Follow these top decoration tips and tricks and you’ll be able to give your rental space a merry makeover just in time for the big day…

Go crazy for candles

Candles can transform a cold and empty space into a warm and cosy atmosphere, and with so many festive scents to choose from they’re great for giving off that Christmassy vibe without having to decorate a thing!

Fill your home with festive fragrances such as spiced berries, cinnamon, baked gingerbread, mulled wine or orange and vanilla scents to create the perfect seasonal ambience. To really enhance the warmth and banish the gloom of winter we suggest placing candles opposite a reflective surface such as mirrors or windows, just remember to not leave them burning all day/night.

Add throws, rugs and cushions

Adding warm accessories to furniture in your home can change it from a bare space into a cosy cocoon and who doesn’t love wrapping up in a chunky throw with lots of cushions on the sofa on Christmas day?

If you’re thinking about winterising your room with blankets, cushions or rugs just remember to pick colours that will look good all year round and not just for Christmas. Opt for faux fur or a soft touch cotton material for that extra added comfort and luxury.

Dress the Table

Whilst your Christmas dinner will look appealing no matter how you table looks, dressing your table will make it even more inviting for guests on Christmas day. Add a decorative table runner with a small festive centre piece, electric candles, crackers and a small personalised present for each person – you’ll have guests gathering around it in no time! If you want to pull out all the stops and get really creative with your table display Pinterest has thousands of ideas and pictures for inspiration. Check them out here.

Ornaments and garlands

Festive ornaments and garlands make a great decorative substitute for hanging things from the walls at Christmas. Not only do they look stylish but they’re also an inexpensive way to bring a traditional feel to your home without upsetting your landlord. To get the best look that fits in with your home we suggest buying a plain wired garland and adding your own fairy lights, candles and ribbons for a personalised touch. Spread the Christmassy feel across your home by placing garlands on stairways, mantelpieces, windowsills, mirrors and shelves to make a real statement and make your home Christmas ready.

We hope you found these Christmas decoration tips useful and we hope you have a great Christmas!