How to redecorate house for christmas tips

How To Decorate Your Rented Property For Christmas

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 26th November 2019

Decorating, whether it be seasonal or not, is always difficult in a rented property. No permanent changes are allowed and any decorative changes have to be approved by a landlord first, who may or may not let you go through with it.

There’s plenty of ways to get around this and let your Christmas spirit show. Deck The Halls in your property with these rent-friendly decorating tips!

1) Christmas Vases

2Warm white fairy lights wrapped around some brightly coloured baubles can make the perfect additions to a table, mantelpiece or even as a festive alternative to a vase of flowers.


 2) Less Is More

When you hear Christmas, you think of bright coloured lights and bold red and green stripes, right? But subtlety can work too. Neutral tones like the above avoid the risk of being ‘tacky’ and still look classy and festive, and super cosy too!


3) No Nails, No Fuss!

Nails and screws in walls are pretty much always a no-go in rental properties… but you don’t have to sacrifice your festive bunting! There are many non-damaging wall hanging options, such as adhesive hooks and even tape! Avoid the hassle and avoid any problems with your landlord later.


4) Keep It Simple

Not every single corner of the house needs to be decorated in order to feel festive (unless you want it to be, of course!). Keep the decoration minimal and within selected areas around the home to avoid clutter and keep it subtly Christmassy.


5) Never Underestimate A Christmas Candle!

Festive scents are one sure way to get yourself and others in your home into the festive spirit… and these candles are perfect! Keep one burning in your living room to create that cosy Christmas vibe. Just don’t leave them unattended!


6) Use A Rug Under The Tree

There’s no need for the fake snow cleanup! Just put a white rug under the tree for a cute and cosy alternative that doesn’t need to be hoovered up at the end of the festive season. And you can keep it out all year round!


7) Add Cute Festive Accessories Around The Home

Personalised decor is ALWAYS super cute, and even better when it’s Christmas themed! Scatter some cute cushions and ornaments around to give that personal touch to your home.