Final Property Inspection – The Essential Checklist for Landlords

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 06th February 2017

In an ideal world, tenants would all return their properties in the same condition that they received them in – but often, this simply isn’t the case!

The cost of bringing a property back to its best following the departure of a careless tenant can seriously impact on your profits. It’s virtually impossible to get tenants to pay for damage after you’ve returned their deposits!

Make sure you don’t get left out of pocket by following the steps on our Final Property Inspection checklist.


Ensure that you get back all the keys for your property (including any garage keys, window keys and spare keys). After they’ve got their deposits back, tenants are unlikely to make the effort of bringing back keys – leaving you with the time, cost and hassle associated with having new ones cut/locks replaced.

Meter readings

On moving out day, it’s a sensible plan to take meter readings for all the utilities. Many tenants forget to contact their providers, and having the numbers on hand can help to reduce the chance of disputes in the future.

The inventory

Carefully go through the inventory to make sure everything is present and in good working order. If anything is missing or broken (except in cases of fair wear and tear), you’re well within your rights to take money out of the tenant deposit to pay for replacements.

White goods and appliances

One of the easiest things to forget is the oven and extractor – as these can be a real pain to clean. Check inside to make sure they are clean and free from grease and fat, as professional oven cleaning services can be costly and time consuming!

Doors & windows

Check all the doors and windows to make sure they lock, all the keys are present and that everything is in working order. Beware of suspiciously placed posters or pictures over doors – sneaky tenants often use these to disguise cracks, holes and damage!

Cupboards and storage

Tenants often leave their junk behind when moving. It’s the tenant’s responsibility to clear out all their stuff from cupboards, storage units, garages and lofts – and clearing out these things can be costly and time consuming.

A word of warning – you need to be careful when throwing out a tenant’s possessions, as disposing of items without consent can cause legal problems.

Furniture and carpets

Start by checking that all the furniture is present and in good condition – you may already have covered this when checking the inventory. You’ll also want to check under the furniture – tenants have been known to rearrange furniture in an attempt to cover serious stains or damage to carpets.

If the tenant has brought their own furniture, make sure it’s all been moved out. You’ll want to leave the final inspection until after moving day, to ensure that the no damage has been caused during the move.

Drains and bins

The tenant is responsible for emptying all the bins in the property before they leave – but it’s sensible to ensure that all the outside bins are left out for collection. This will reduce the chances of mould and rotten rubbish causing problems whilst the property is empty.

You’ll also want to check that the drains are clear. Start with flushing all the toilets, and running all the taps in the property to ensure that they are draining, then check the outside drains to ensure that they are not overflowing.

It’s worth noting here that any problems you find are likely to be your responsibility to fix, and not the tenant’s – except in cases of clear negligence or wilful damage.

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