Cutting the cost of renting – 9 energy saving tips for tenants

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 28th November 2016

Taking steps to reduce your energy usage is one of the best ways to cut down on household bills.

As a tenant, this can seem difficult, especially as you’re unlikely to be able to make big changes to the property you’re living in without express permission from the landlord!

Slash your bills and cut your living costs without losing your deposit by following these top energy saving tips:

1. Check the thermostat

Every single degree counts – so it’s time to get your jumper out and put another layer on! In fact, that probably isn’t necessary. Turning your heating down by just 1°C will save you around £60 in heating costs each year, and you may not even notice the difference.

2. Cut out the draughts

Gaps in your windows and doors let the hot air escape, so you end up having turning the thermostat back up. Simple touches like draught excluders can save you up to £25 each year on your heating bill. If you spot bigger gaps in windows or doors, then get onto your landlord or letting agent – sealing these will make a big difference.

3. Let there be (efficient) light

Fitting the latest energy saving LED bulbs through your home is a great way to cut your bills. The good news is that they last up to 20 years, so you shouldn’t have to do it very often!

4. Say no to standby

Those little red lights are costing you money – around £30 a year for most households! Turning off your appliances, like TVs, computers and games consoles at the mains rather than leaving them on standby is a quick, easy saving.

5. Low temperature washing

Did you know that washing machines use up to 90% of their energy heating the water? With the right detergent, 30°C is enough for the vast majority of your washing. Reduce the spin cycle for an extra energy saving boost.

6. The right fridge temperature

Avoid the temptation to turn your fridge temperature right down. Fridges don’t need to be set at the minimum temperature to work properly. 4°C is the optimum level for food storage, and setting your fridge to this level could save you up to £20 a year.

7. Defrost your freezer!

Defrosting your freezer won’t just make it more efficient and therefore cheaper to run, it will also prolong its lifespan.

8. Monitor your usage

These days, all the energy companies offer energy monitors that will tell you how much you’re using. These monitors can act as a great reminder to switch off lights and appliances when not in use, getting you into good energy-saving habits.

9. Badger your landlord for insulation

If your house isn’t properly insulated, it’s going to cost you more to heat than it should.

Whilst you can’t do anything about this yourself, you can ask the landlord to take a look. In many areas, loft insulation is subsidised or free. It’s a win-win – having it fitted won’t just cut your bills, it will add long-term value to your landlord’s investment.

How Lime can help

Living in a cold, draughty house that’s expensive to heat? At Lime Property, we’re here to help you out.

We’re absolutely committed to treating all our tenants in a fair, honest and respectful manner at all times. It’s set out in Our Charter – a clear set of guidelines and values that our team members uphold to ensure that our clients are kept happy!

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