10 Things You May Not Know About Hull

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 26th February 2019
Beyond the City of Hull, there are some unbelievable facts that many people don’t know about our amazing city! From breaking world records to creating the world’s best Yorkshire puddings, Hull has more claims to fame than you might think.
  • The earliest known reference of Hull, or Kingston upon Hull as its full name, dates back to 1193 when it was known to be called Wyke on Hull. King Edward I, renamed the town Kings-town upon Hull in 1299 👑
  • HMS Bounty, the iconic famous ship that was originally built in Hull ⛏️
  • The boiled sweet was invented in Hull during the 19th century. Not only that but it is also the birthplace of a few famous household medical names including Lemsip, Bonjela and Gaviscon 🍬
  • A city that likes its sleep… Hull was named the city with the highest proportion of snorers in 2002 💤
  • We have one of the UK’s biggest aquarium also known as The Deep. The huge marine centre is home to over 3000 creatures, including sharks, saw fish and even penguins. 🐠
  • If you’re into culture you may be interested to know that Hull has been called the most poetic city in England. It was also the city where life began for iconic poets such as Philip Larkin and Andrew Marvell 📝
  • If you’ve been for a wander around, you may have noticed something slightly different, all of our phone boxes are white. But why? Essentially, at the point at which all of the country’s telephone companies were bought by BT, Hull decided to buy its own and keep it under the city’s control. As a result, Hull is the only place in the country not served by BT and kept its own white boxes instead of switching to Red. You won’t see them anywhere else ☎️
  • A must have on a Sunday dinner, Hull is home to the largest Yorkshire Pudding Factory in the UK, Aunt Bessie’s. This factory produces five hundred million frozen Yorkshire Puddings every year. Although we love a good home-made Yorkshire Pudding on our plate, you can never go wrong with Aunt Bessie’s 🏭
  • The phone in your pocket, the computer you work on, the 42 Inch TV at home. All of these would not be around today if it was not for work of Professor George Gray and his research team at the University of Hull, where they invented the first generation of liquid crystal displays (LCD). 🖥️
  • The Humber Ports are the UK’s largest multi-purpose port complex and is the 4th busiest in the whole of Europe. The ports support 33,000 jobs and together handle more than 65 million tonnes of cargo! 🚢

We hope that you’ve learned a thing or two about our lovely city. If you live in Hull and know any more interesting facts that we’ve missed from our list, we’d love to hear them. Feel free to pop a comment below!