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As a service provider we feel the experience of our customers should be at the heart of everything we do.

The Estate and Lettings industry has a history of being known for poor service and communication but we don’t operate like “Normal Letting Agents” – We stand out from the crowd because we care.

Our customer charter is very simple, they are basic rules that our team sign up to as part of their intensive training to be a part of the Lime Family. Keeping these goals simple enable us to effectively deliver on our promises to you and ensure if you are promised something that those promises will be delivered.

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We spend our days looking after people’s homes so it makes sense that we take pride in our own.

A great working environment makes for a happy and efficient team; we like to think we have set a new level in Letting Agency Offices. Not only do our team get to work in a great place but also we have designed our workspace with you in mind.

Our overseas clients can Skype us on the meeting room Audio Visual system, when tenants come in they will be welcomed into our infoPod to find out everything they need to know about the property they have chosen.

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  • Lime Property
  • The Pod,
    St Andrews Quay
  • Hull, East Yorkshire
  • HU3 4SA
  • Call: 01482 216060
  • Email: info@lime-property.co.uk
  • Lime Property
  • 36 Saturday Market,
  • North Humberside
  • HU17 9AG
  • Call: 01482 216060
  • Email: info@lime-property.co.uk

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All the latest news for Lime and Property in and around Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire.

Top 4 ways to make rental feel like a home

4 Ways To Make Your Rental Property Feel Like A Home

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 04th October 2018

When living in a rented property, it can be a difficult task trying to make it your own, and with most tenancy agreements only allowing minimal changes, it can be a frustrating feeling having a lack of control over the decoration and look of your household.

So, how can you make your property feel like yours without losing your deposit, or wasting money you won’t see again? We’ve sourced our top four tips of how you can spruce up your property without breaking your bank or annoying your landlord. Take a look…

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Are You Ready For The Homes Fitness for Human Habitation Bill?

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 18th September 2018

Did you know? Statistics show that there are up to 3 million people living in rented homes in England which contain “Category 1” hazards, that are considered as posing ‘serious and immediate risk’ to a person’s health and safety.

No… we didn’t either! With this astonishing statistic coming to light of landlords and agents, the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill has been announced by the government that could hugely improve the lives of many people in England currently renting. It’s time to act now!

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Letting agents hull & beverley - Handing Keys

Why Should I Rent Through A Letting Agent?

  • Author: Lime Property
  • Date Posted: 14th August 2018

Making the choice whether to rent through a private landlord or letting agency when moving home can be a tough decision to make. Although renting directly through a landlord can sometimes seem more appealing, cost effective and less time consuming, the number of problems that could arise later down the line undoubtedly outweigh these perks.

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